Monday, 16 June 2014

Week 6

We had a very wet week so lots of people stayed home from school. Despite the weather, Room 1 had 100% attendance on Thursday this week.! Maybe it was because we knew we were doing art with Miss Nicola in Room 7. Mrs Bingham came and took some photos:


We also had fun making movies on Dvolver. This is a link to the one Maia and Mokonuiarangi made - Maia and Mokonuiarangi's movie

For writing we wrote about a time we felt scared. Troy H wrote a scary story with a happy ending. This is what he wrote:

On the weekend I stayed home by myself and at night I watched Ghost Rider. He was cool but suddenly I heard a knock and I looked at the back of me and I got a fright. It was only an old man. 
"You scared me.What are you doing here?"
"Nothing. Are your parents here?"
"No, they went on a trip."
"So is it just you here?"
"Yes, it is just me."
"Oh, okay. Bye. Have a nice weekend."
"You too."


  1. Awesome work Mokonuiarangi and Maia i really like the movie you two done that was amazing.

  2. Hi Maia and Mokonuirangi I really Like your movie because It has a great start and beginning I liked it when you said hi my name is Maia and i'm 7 years old I like playing in the snow. From Arapeta

  3. I love your terifict blog it was amazing from davalamayne 6 years old.birthday 27.10 .13 I love it

  4. room1 YOU HAEV A COOI blog FROM ANA SORAYA Troy

  5. you guys have awesome painting keep up the good work