Saturday, 20 September 2014

Term 3 Week 9

Sean joined Room 1 this week and we love having him in our class. We got our Duffy books on Tuesday and enjoyed reading them straight away.

Room 1 reading their new Duffy books

We also worked on our new art project - clowns! Mrs Kerr-Bell brought in lots of pictures of clowns and even some clown clothes so we could all have a turn at dressing up.

Then we started making our own clown pictures.

Then we painted our clowns
with lots of bright colours.
We drew the clowns with chalk and traced over
the picture with black crayon.

We read A Wizard Came to Visit and wrote our own wizard stories. Here is Winter's story:

“What do you wish for?” said a wizard as he walked straight into my room. I was complaining, “Heeeeeeeelp” I said. “A wizard, a wizard, help. He’s going to eat me.” But the wizard didn’t care – he gave a flick of his wand and made me stop shouting.
“All I want is to give you a wish. I’m a good wizard” said the wizard.
A boy walked into the room and said “Hello, my name is Te Kawana.” Te Kawana said “WOW, a wizard. Cool! I wish for a bike, a video game, my own car, a vacation going to Fiji….”
“Hold on” said the wizard, “Only one wish.”

Te Kawana said “One million dollars.” So Te Kawana got one million dollars and there was no more magic in the wizard’s wand and I didn’t get to make a wish.

Trinity made a video and read her story with great expression. Mokonui was the wizard and Soraya was the camera operator:

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