Saturday, 7 March 2015

Term Week 5

We had another busy week at school and worked so hard that we earned a whole 40 minutes of free choice on Friday! On Monday Whaea Gina came to teach us some cooperative games and we went swimming. We spent lots of time with our buddy class, Room 9 on Tuesday and swam again on Wednesday. After writing recounts of our Kiwi House trip we published them on Thursday. Here are a couple of examples of what we did:
Veishali 5th March
Kiwi House

Last week on Friday we went to the Kiwi House. We had our morning tea then we went to the Museum. After we went to the Museum we went to the forest to find bugs, we each got a jug to collect the insects and bugs we found. The Juniors of Kaikohe West School went to see the Kiwis. I felt HAPPY and HOT and I had fun too.   
Davalamayne 5th March

Going to the Kiwi House

Last week on Friday the class and the juniors went on the bus to the Kiwi House in Whangarei. It took a long time to get there so my mum put some music on. She let me,Sky,Honey,and Catherine  have a turn on the ipad. Rosie,Harmony,and Moko liked the music. Room1 and the juniors went to the Kiwi House.When we got there we had something to eat.I had a drink then ate half of my pizza then Mrs Bingham said, “Come on Group C, I know a better place to eat”. We went with Mrs Bingham. We went in a kind of village with adults in it. I felt exhausted when we got back to school. I asked my mum if I could go with her but she said, “No”.


If you want to see all of our fabulous illustrated recounts they are on display in the window of Room 1.

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