Friday, 24 April 2015

Term 2 Week 1

We are all excited to be back at school for Term 2. Azalea had her birthday on Tuesday and shared a cake with us.

The cake was delicious.
Happy Birthday Azalea!
For maths this week we have been learning about measurement. 

We had a competition to see whose line was closest to one metre.
How long is one metre?
Fred and RJ 

On Thursday we headed down to Tawaraunui where Tanya Blatt entertained us with some amazing storytelling.

Catch a Story with Tanya Blatt
Monkey (Moko) getting told off by King Abassi
for dropping his banana on elelphant.

On Friday we walked down to the Memorial Hall.

Troy and Moko checking the names.
Harmony and Charlie-Gurl.

When we got back to school we made some delicious Anzac biscuits.

Measuring the flour into the bowl.

Enjoying our freshly baked biscuits in the sunshine.


  1. Karen Matene (Jacob's Mum)26 April 2015 at 19:50

    Hey Room 1, what a really busy week you have had. Happy belated Birthday Azalea! I hear RJ's line was the closest to 1 metre, I wonder who is the tallest in your class?
    We're impressed with the Anzac Information that Jacob has been telling us all about. We've been watching coverage on tv and have been playing online interactive games all to do with the Anzac's.
    We even looked up Jacob's great grand uncle David Padlie who fought in WWI and sadly was killed in action at Flanders Fields. We laid a poppy in his remembrance on the Auckland Museum Cenotaph website.

    I'm told that the Anzac biscuits were YUMMY!

  2. That cake there looks deilicous