Friday, 8 May 2015

Term 2 Week 3

We wrote some cinquaine poems this week. They are five lines long. The poems make a diamond pattern - 2 syllables on the first and last line, 4 syllables on the second line, 6 syllables on the third line and 8 syllables on the fourth line. We all tried to use precise adjectives and verbs. Here are some of the poems we wrote:
Amazing, safe,
Helping, Swimming, Playing,
My Uncle Jais loves the X box.
by Charlie-gurl.
1985 McLaren MP4/2B-6 TAG

Bell Pepper, Chef, Cooking,
My Nan
Lovely, awesome
Fishing, cooking, helping
Going shopping with my nan: cool.
my nan.
Te kawana

Nan Tucker McEvoy

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  1. Dear Room One,
    We are a Year 2 class in Perth, Western Australia. We have just been looking at your cinquain poems. They are very clever. We think you have used great verbs and adjectives. Rhys says his favourite verb is "fishing" because he likes to go fishing. Yasin likes "cooking" the best because he likes to make a mess! Kiarn's favourite adjective is "safe" because he likes to be safe. Jael likes the word "amazing". She thinks your blog is amazing.

    You might like to visit our blog at Hope we see you there! :-)