Sunday, 25 May 2014

Term 2 Week 3

We have started writing narrative this week so we have been learning about setting, characters and plot. Mrs Bingham read a few versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we got to write our own story. Some of us retold the story with our own special twist while others made up a new story. See if you can identify the setting and characters for these stories -

Here is Troy H's retelling:
Once upon a time there were three bears. A great big papa bear, a middle-sized mama bear and a little baby bear. They lived in a cottage in the woods. One day a little girl named Suzy got caught by the three bears but she escaped.

Maia wrote a new story:
Once upon a time there were three stars and a human that rode in a spaceship in space. The human found the three stars walking on the moon. Their names were Jazmine, Tarelle and Te Kawana and when the human became the boss they all lived happily ever after.

On Friday Whaea Geneva took us on a rongoa hunt around school as part of our Mana Whenua topic. We found some of the plants from the book we read called Koro's Medicine.
Kawakawa is good to chew if you have a toothache. 

You can make an ointment for cuts from Tī kāuka (cabbage tree)

Plantaine is a clever leaf - the top stops bleeding 
and the bottom draws out poison.

Harakeke has many uses 
- it can help make blisters feel better too!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your class blog and looking at all the interesting things that you do. I can see that their is a lot of learning going on in this class. Ka pai Amanda and Ruma Kotahi.

  2. What amazing facts about these plants. Have any of you ever used these plants for medicine?

  3. I like how you've found some things and what their uses are like Harekeke helps with

  4. COOL!!! I did not know anything about those plants I am glad you guys put that information on your blog.