Thursday, 1 May 2014

Week 12

We did lots of Easter activities this week. We decorated eggs:

Lots of concentration was needed!

Ana's beautiful stripy egg.

Mokonuiarangi worked carefully on his egg.

During writing we wrote descriptions of the Easter Bunny. Here are some examples of our work:

The Easter Bunny is nice. His tail is fluffy. It is so soft like a cotton ball or marshmallows. He’ll visit my house one day; maybe give some Easter eggs for me. The Easter Bunny is cute. The Easter Bunny has white fur and eats carrots. He has white teeth that are sparkly and he has blue eyes. He also has a big, humungous, enormous basket to hold all the Easter eggs.

The Easter Bunny is fluffy. He jumps to my house. He hides my Easter eggs. I got one with a monster truck in it. I got a ramp. It fell apart and that was sad. I caused a drama. I did not like it. I cried and cried but he never came back.

The Easter Bunny is very snuggly. It is night time when the Easter Bunny comes out to deliver Easter eggs for New Zealand. The Easter Bunny is very tired from delivering all those Easter eggs.

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  1. Kia ora Room 1. WOW. What an interesting blog you have Room 1. I enjoyed reading your writing about the Easter Bunny. Reweti - I liked the way you shared your feelings. I hope your teacher posts some more of your writing Room 1. Well done.