Saturday, 6 June 2015

Term 2 Week 7

There was no blog post last week because we had Passion Week at school so Room 1 were spread out around the school doing the thing they were most interested for the whole week! Some of the things we chose included health and fitness, costume making  (for our school production next term), movie making, scrapbooking, technology and arts and crafts. It was a busy week. This week we shared what we did and wrote a recount. Here are a couple of examples:

Last week at school I made a costume in Room 15 because it was Passion Week. Passion Week is when we split up into different classes to do different things.
In Room 15 I had to make 50 scales. On Monday we had to make one scale then we had to help everybody else do one. On Tuesday we had to make the rest of the scales for my mermaid costume. On Wednesday I sewed my costume together. On Thursday we watched Peter Pan after morning tea. On Friday we finished my costume. I had fun.
by Charlie-Gurl

Last week at school we had Passion Week. I was in the wheels crew. The wheels crew was in Room 6. We learnt about wheels. We made some cars with circle wheels. Then we made some nachos. Then we went to the skate park. Then we made a ramp and then we went back to the skate park. It was cool.
by Honey

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