Saturday, 20 June 2015

Term 2 Week 9

We had a busy week celebrating Matariki. 

On Thursday we had a hakari but we were so busy eating that we don't have any photos of our delicious kai! We had heaps of food including fry bread, cupcakes, sausage rolls, chocolate biscuits and hot chocolate. 

We learnt the matariki macarena and made some string figures. It was tricky at first but we kept trying until we got the hang of it. Here is a video we made in class (our first attempt at green screening).

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  1. Man I wish I had known you were having a yummy lunch, it sounded delicious. Lucky you! As for the string shapes, you will have to come over to ruma tekau ma tahi and show us how to do it. A for Awesome nga tamariki ma. Tino ataahua to mahi.